NuShield expands provision of patient-monitoring products

NuShield expands provision of patient-monitoring products.
NuShield expands provision of patient-monitoring products.
NuShield, a Newtown, Pennsylvania, firm specializing in anti-glare technology for LCD screens, now provides its products to commonwealth health care facilities for patient monitoring and electronic documentation, for both mobile and stationary applications.

Not only does the company’s signature product facilitate user-friendly screen appearance; it also performs an invisible but very important task — preventing the spread of germs. In 2013, the National Institutes of Health determined that while a "remarkable amount of microbial surface contamination" on LCD surfaces could be eliminated with standard disinfection techniques, such as using isopropanol wipes, the application of cleaning substances could jeopardize the products themselves or the manufacturer’s warranty on such devices.

In response, NuShield came up with its Triple A antiglare, anti-microbial, anti-fingerprint overlay film, which both prevents germ growth and protects the display surface of equipment used in health care settings through its built-in anti-microbial properties and ultraviolet light protection characteristics.

The Triple A film is made with a silicone rubber instead of pressure sensitive adhesive, resulting in easy application and removal — and safe cleaning. NuShield claims that no other product currently exists on the market combining these features.

Founded in 1998, NuShield manufactures screen protector and anti-glare films used in over 12,000 electronic devices with LCD, LED or plasma displays.