Pittsburgh celebrates first year of partnership with Nextdoor.com

Citing several successful examples of a joint community initiative, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto marked the first anniversary of the city’s partnership with Nextdoor.com, a free and private social network for neighborhoods, on Wednesday with mirth and accolades.

Nextdoor is a free, hyperlocalized networking and support system helping communities encourage interactive reliance, improve safety and share resources. In Pittsburgh, residents have used the portal to discuss public-safety issues pertinent to their neighborhoods; plan community events and even reunite lost pets with their owners.

“Nextdoor gives residents more avenues to easily and effectively connect with city departments, and each other, about the things that matter most,” Peduto said. The mayor’s office cited examples of neighbors helping an elderly resident with transportation, successfully tracking down a burglary suspect after a series of break-ins and fundraising for a local library’s community garden project.

“Pittsburgh's successful integration and effective use of Nextdoor over the past year should be commended,” Sarah Leary, co-founder of Nextdoor, said. “Residents and entire communities feel a stronger connection to each other and the city, and we are honored that Nextdoor has played a role in that.”

Eight different city departments have adopted the program: the Mayor’s Office, Department of Innovation and Performance, Department of Public Works, Department of Public Safety, Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment, Personnel and Civil Service Commission, and CitiParks.