Parking fee hike in Pittsburgh underscores need to lower spending

A recent policy analysis by the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy found that while the city of Pittsburgh's recent move to boost parking rates may generate new revenue for the city, it must rein in spending.

"The city must not lose sight of the need to begin very serious cost and payroll reducing efforts over the next few years to rein in its spending per resident that remains well above the spending levels in comparable cities," the analysis said.

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority voted recently to raise the all-day rates at several parking lots and garages in the city on Aug. 1. Increases range from $1 to $4.25, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

The analysis, however, suggested that the city cannot force privately owned garages and lots to increase parking rates, warning of the potential consequences for consumers.

"There is nothing to prevent privately owned facilities from following the higher rates being levied by the Parking Authority at its facilities," the analysis said. "Rate hikes at private facilities would translate into more parking tax money for the city as well."

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