Pitts named "Taxpayer Hero" by Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

Pennsylvania state Rep. Joe Pitts, representing the state's Lancaster, Chester and Berks counties, was recently honored as a the state's number two "Taxpayer Hero" for 2013 by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW).

Pitts was the second highest-rated delegate from the Pennsylvania assembly, coming in behind state Sen. Pat Toomey with a score of 95 percent. The CCAGW highlighted a piece of legislation from Pitts to reform the U.S. Department of Agriculture's sugar program when making its decision.

The legislation proposed by Pitts would have reformed domestic supply restrictions and reduced price support levels for sugar supplies. In June 2013, however, the measure was struck down in the House in a 206-221 vote.

"I'm glad to be recognized by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste for my efforts to reform the federal government and save taxpayers money," Pitts said. "With the national debt at a staggering $17 trillion and going up every year we have to search every corner of the government for waste. We may not be able to balance the budget tomorrow, but we have to create a sensible, long-term plan to stop passing our bills onto our children and grandchildren."

Coming in behind Toomey and Pitts were state Reps. Scott Perry, Keith Rothfus, Bill Shuster and Tim Murphy.