Chester, Montgomery counties receive $1.2 million in Marcellus impact fees

Pennsylvania's Chester and Montgomery counties in the 157th legislative district will receive more than $1.2 million in impact fees collected from gas extraction operations in the Marcellus Shale regions.

Chester County will receive $485,000 in impact fee revenue, while Montgomery County will receive $774,000 in revenue from the Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund.

According to State Rep. Warren Kampf (R-157), Act 13 has worked to benefit the state's municipalities by supporting local programs that seek to address environmental issues.

"Pennsylvania continues to be among the top producing states for natural gas and, since ACT 13 passed, the entire Commonwealth has gained from these operations" Kampf said. "I know that the counties are looking forward to these revenues and they come at a much needed time."

In total, the state's Public Utility Commission collected more than $225 million in impact fees for 2013. Since the implementation of impact fees, municipalities across the state have received over $600 million.