PA Medicaid expansion to be complete by end of September

Under a revised schedule, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) plans to complete the two remaining stages of transitioning to traditional Medicaid expansion by the end of September. 

The changes are part of Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to expand Medicaid coverage among residents of the state. The plan replaces former Gov. Tom Corbett's Healthy PA initiative, which used federal funds to pay for private health insurance coverage for approximately 600,000 residents.

Phase 1 of the expansion plan will begin in April and is scheduled to be complete by June 1. During this stage, anyone who was enrolled in the  General Assistance and Select Plan program as of December will be transferred from the private coverage option (PCO) to the new adult benefit package with coverage provided by HealthChoices managed care organizations.  

No new enrollees will be accepted in the PCO. 

Remaining PCO enrollees will be transitioned to coverage provided by HealthChoices during Phase 2 of the plan, which is scheduled to begin in July and be completed by Sept. 1. 

DHS said no gaps in coverage will occur, and all affected Medicaid clients will receive a notification letter from DHS or HealthChoices.