REV LNG to construct production plant in Bradford County

REV LNG, a hauler and supplier of liquefied natural gas, is now making arrangements to potentially produce the material in Potter County.

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REV LNG, a hauler and supplier of liquefied natural gas, is making arrangements to produce the material in Potter County.

Company officials recently announced the construction of a pilot LNG production plant in Bradford County, with more to come in the state in the near future. While Potter County was not specifically mentioned, linking production of LNG to the distribution showcase near Ulysses makes sense from a financial standpoint.

An $800,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will help fund the plant.

REV LNG CEO David Kailbourne explained that the Bradford County plant will transform locally produced natural gas to its liquid form, where it can then be used as a fuel in industries that have a contract with REV LNG. Southwestern Energy will supply the natural gas through a pipeline.

“We supply a ‘virtual pipeline,’” Kailbourne said. “It is instant infrastructure that can be taken to even the remotest of sites. We supply our clients with a mobile LNG fuel tank, similar to a private fuel island. In essence, we bridge the gap between a large supply and growing demand.”

Among REV LNG’s clients are truck fleets, natural gas drilling rigs, asphalt plants and factories, while high demand is in the cards for the railroad, shipping and mining businesses.

“It’s an ideal location,” Kailbourne said. “Within 800 miles, we can access two-thirds of the U.S. diesel-consuming population with an alternative fuel. Some of our competitors have to carry a lot more miles to get that liquid to their customers. As we win more contracts, we will be able to hire more people in the office, as support staff, as drivers, and the list goes on.

Kailbourne believes the future is bright for REV LNG. 

“You’re going to see more and more virtual pipelines on our roads in the future, and our flexibility is a big advantage," Kailbourne said. "We can offer bundled services - sourcing, transporting and dispensing on turnkey basis - or we can simply offer any of these services a la carte, and we have customers for both.”

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