Boeing's Smithfield expansion expected to bring over 150 jobs with it

The Boeing Co. plans to expand its 65,000-square-foot facility in Smithfield, bringing jobs and other opportunities to the area, Gov. Tom Corbett said recently.

The expansion project is expected to be a boon for Fayette County, which, until recently, was considered a “distressed county" economically.

“Now were in a transitional stage, coming out of that distressed status,” the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council Development Manager Dana Kendrick said. “Having a company as large and prestigious as Boeing recognize our growth and potential will also make us attractive to other businesses who are maybe thinking of...expanding to a new location.”

The announced Boeing expansion is expected to bring approximately 168 jobs -- and potentially more -- to the area over the course of a three-year period, as well as various other economic benefits.

“Any type of opportunity where there are new jobs, growth and so forth, there's going to be new disposable income, so indirect services will also be affected,” Kendrick said. “For example, if you have more disposable income, you're more apt to go out to eat, or go to the cinema, or buy the newest TV on the market. This will not only have an impact on our community, but on the economy in southwest Pennsylvania as a whole.”

For more information on the expansion project, call the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council at 724-437-7913, email or visit The Fay-Penn Economic Development Council is also on Facebook and Twitter.