Cybergenetics secures U.S. patent for TrueAllele DNA-sorting system

Cybergenetics has been awarded a U.S. patent for a system that can analyze DNA mixtures found at crime scenes, Business Wire said Tuesday.

The system, TrueAllele Casework, utilizes advanced screening technology that can separate genetic material in mixed DNA samples. Previously, forensics systems would oversimplify data, which would often lead to a match statistic that is too low or that was inconclusive.

 The system can separate genomes of individuals, which can lead to perpetrators. With this separation, the DNA of the perpetrator also can be analyzed. The system has analyzed samples from more than 200 cases in 23 states. At this point, scientific studies have validated the system's efficacy and have been used in courts.

"We are pleased that the (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) has once again recognized our pioneering forensic science innovations in DNA mixture analysis," Cybergenetics President Dr. Ria David said. "The patented and proven TrueAllele technology provides fast and accurate DNA reporting that other methods cannot match, helping to secure justice for victims and protect society from crime."