Tri-M prefers to hire war vets for their skills, experience under pressure

Tri-M, an NFIB company based in Pennsylvania’s Chester County, prefers hiring veterans over recent college graduates, benefiting both veterans and Tri-M.

Dozens of veterans work for Tri-M, which said the hiring of vets takes precedence for many reasons. Company representatives said the military gives veterans a wider range of experiences. Compared with a recent college graduate, veterans have experienced managerial and high-pressure situations. Veterans know how to follow orders, and they know how to lead.

Also, veterans are organized, neat, punctual, healthy, safety-oriented, team players, ethical and successful in fulfilling their duties.

Rather than Tri-M paying for training, the GI Bill pays for the veterans’ training, including electrical apprenticeship programs. Many veterans receive wireless-communications training while serving their country. Typically, it takes two years for Tri-M to send civilians through wireless-communications training. This training is vital to companies like Tri-M, which is seeking to improve wireless communications in northern Pennsylvania.

Jeremy Chandler, an Iraq War vet from the Air Force, has worked at Tri-M for nine years. He thanks Tri-M for his smooth transition from military to civilian life.

Tri-M appreciates that the veterans have been there for their country, and now Tri-M seeks to be there for the veterans.

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