Federally funded grants will keep low income PECO customers warm this winter

Low and fixed income PECO customers may now be eligible for grants to support their energy costs through a federally funded Low Income Home Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

The grants vary in amount and can cover as much as $1,000 in energy costs depending on family size and income. The grant is paid directly to the vendor on behalf of the customer. Customers may also be eligible for grants in an emergency situation, like a service cut-off or reinstatement due to non-payment.

“It is essential for our low-income customers to submit their applications now, to help ensure their continued warmth this winter,” Patricia King, PECO’s manager of Universal Services, said. “We are reaching out to our customers through community forums, proactive calls, direct mail and advertising to help ensure our customers are taking advantage of this important program.”

A customer’s income must not exceed 150 percent of the Federal poverty guidelines based on the number of people in the household. For example, a single-person household’s income must be below $17,505 and a four-person household must not exceed $35,775 to qualify for a LIHEAP grant.

Last year $14.3 million in grant assistance was granted under the LIHEAP.