Gubernatorial candidates release statements through campaign managers

Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf | Photo courtesty of Tom Wolf for PA

After a second debate between Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf and Gov. Tom Corbett, both candidates issued statements via their campaign managers on Tuesday. 

Wolf’s campaign pointed out Corbett’s perceived failures in education, financial mismanagement and the stagnant economy in a statement released after the CBS Philadelphia/KYW Radio debate. 

"Gov. Corbett’s cuts to education have led to 27,000 layoffs, increased property taxes and larger class sizes,” Wolf Campaign Spokesman Jeffrey Sheridan said. “The governor’s fiscal mismanagement forced the state to take out a $1.5 billion loan just to keep the lights on and the commonwealth’s credit rating has been downgraded five times in only two years. To make matters worse, Pennsylvania has fallen from ninth to 47th in job creation since 2011.”

The Corbett campaign focused on Wolf’s perceived evasion of debate questions on what they called his failed agenda and its effect on Pennsylvanians.

“The little that we do know, is that Tom Wolf will force everyone else to pay more, while putting his and the special interests needs first as he continues to kick the can down the road on the issues that matter for Pennsylvania's future," Corbett Campaign Manager Mike Barley said.