Employers optimistic about business in Pa.

The majority of respondents who completed the 24th Annual Pennsylvania Economic Survey believe the business climate and labor market in Pennsylvania are improving, according to results released on Monday.

More than 600 employers from across the state took part in the survey, which was conducted as part of a partnership between Elizabethtown College’s Department of Business, the High Center for Family Business and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

“If there is anything to be drawn from this survey, it’s that employers’ confidence is growing and they’re optimistic about the future,” Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr said. “But we can’t lose sight of the fact that it’s a cautious optimism... ."

In spite of the positive news, some say the costs of doing business in the state are a cause for concern.

“There is a clear indication from employers that the Commonwealth is headed in the right direction," Todd Brysiak, the director of communications for the chamber, said to Pennsylvania Business Daily. "However, lawmakers need to be very attentive to the concerns of employers as well... Hitting local employers with new and increased taxes at a time when they are showing progress is counterproductive."