Senate committee advances Taxpayer Protection Act

A bill known as the Taxpayer Protection Act, which would limit state government spending, was approved by the State Senate Finance Committee in a 7-to-4 vote on Sept. 16.

S.B. 7  aims to keep state spending within the average change in personal income from the previous three years or within the average inflation rate plus average change in population over the same time period.

State Sen. Joe Scarnati, who co-sponsored the bill, said that the legislation will ensure the state is being accountable and does not reach inflationary thresholds.

“Every day hardworking families across Pennsylvania are faced with spending decisions in order to make sure they are living within their means,” Scarnati said. “It is important that as a commonwealth we also make a commitment to reject excessive spending that could hurt our state’s economic future and our ability to compete.”

According to Scarnati, the state has already passed budgets that are within the proposed parameters in the past four years.

“Enactment of this landmark legislation will ensure that future governors and legislatures continue to spend within their means without unduly burdening hardworking Pennsylvanians,” Scarnati said.

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