Michael Baker International celebrates 75 years of innovation

Michael Baker International, a leading global provider of engineering and consulting services, recently commemorated 75 years of operations with the opening of a new office space in downtown Pittsburgh’s central business district. The expansion highlights MBI's commitment to the Pennsylvania market, as well as the revitalization of the city of Pittsburgh. “While we are a western Pennsylvania company and we've been here 75 years, our focus is on the future,” said Michael Baker International CEO Read More »

Allegheny group analyzes plan to tax short-term home rentals like hotels

Short-term home rentals may soon be subjected to a traditional-style hotel tax for those utilizing AirBnB or similar services, the Allegheny Institute said on Friday. The institute said rentals booked via electronic means may be subject to Allegheny County’s 7 percent hotel-occupancy tax despite the fact that the transactions involve private homes. Read More »