Comcast Business Ethernet to provide network links for eight colleges

Comcast Business said on Thursday that the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center has struck an agreement with Comcast Business Ethernet to provide private, secure network connections to eight connected colleges and universities. Under the agreement, each of the schools can access advanced computing technologies, off-site data-storage capabilities, and other major research and education networks. Read More »

Allegheny Institute: Mass-transit consolidation plans' costs vary little

The Allegheny Institute for Public Policy said on Tuesday that the costs for three possible scenarios to consolidate mass-transit agencies in southwestern Pennsylvania effectively would be the same. When operating costs for the state’s Port Authority (PAT) were shown to be comparatively costly compared with 22 other cities, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) was dispatched by legislation passed in 2013 to study privatization of public transportation. Read More »

Verizon: State has reaped much from firm's $1 billion investment

Verizon’s $1 billion 2014 investment in Pennsylvania fiber-optic, wireline and wireless networks has proven beneficial to consumers, businesses and governing bodies throughout the state, Verizon said on Friday. As a result of the industry-leading updates, Verizon customers have witnessed higher data speeds, improved network capacity and other upgrades designed to enhance customer service. Read More »

Fiscal Office: Wolf budget would boost taxes at all income levels

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2015-16 would result in a net tax increase for every income group, including a small net increase for the lowest income group, a recent analysis by the state’s Independent Fiscal Office said. The report analyzed the economic impact of the tax and revenue proposals submitted by the governor in March. Read More »

State board to hold June hearings on two casino-license renewals

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board will hold public hearings on June 2 and 3 to gather evidence, including public comment, concerning the renewals of two Commonwealth casino licenses. The licenses will be up for renewal through their operating companies: Holdings Acquisition Co., L.P., operator of the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, and Washington Trotting Association, Inc., operator of the Meadows Casino in Washington County. Read More »

State retail food industry: Property tax reform possible

The Pennsylvania retail food industry sees a high likelihood of property tax reform this year, but says certain wrinkles must be ironed out. Comparing Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal to a self-styled House Republican proposal, the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association (PFMA) said the governor has shown an interest in increasing state taxes to shift the burden from homeowners to the public in general and to provide greater funding for education. Read More »

State House committees hold hearing on medical marijuana

The Pennsylvania House Health and Judiciary Committees' respective chairmen held a hearing on medical marijuana Wednesday to examine its impact on other states.State Reps. Matt Baker (R-Dist. 68), chairman of the House Health Committee, and Ron Marsico (R-Dist. 105), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee heard from representatives of at least 14 different organizations, along with members of their own respective legislative committees. Read More »

Burns White law firm launches cybersecurity-services unit

Taking a business approach to litigation, the Burns White law firm launched a new cybersecurity practice to complement its clients’ needs across a wide range of industries, the company said on Tuesday. Led by the firm's Lyle Washowich in Pittsburgh and Stuart O'Neal III in Philadelphia, and supported by staff, the new specialty unit will address the needs of businesses with preventive strategies, individual and class-action litigation defense, insurance assessments for cybersecurity-related r Read More »