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Corbett administration reaches deal with PEDF to hold drilling revenue steady

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's administration announced a deal last week to prevent a funding cut for the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) during a pending lawsuit aimed at stopping natural gas drilling in state-owned parks.

Rendell criticizes lawmakers' opposition to infrastructure investment

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell criticized lawmakers last week who have voiced opposition to investments in national infrastructure - one of his main areas of focus since leaving office in 2011.

Cost of liquor licenses could discourage potential restaurateurs

Pennsylvania entrepreneurs seeking to open a restaurant could find it difficult in some parts of the state, including Western Pennsylvania, where liquor licenses can cost upwards of $250,000.

Pennsylvania lags behind nation in employment, housing

A number of new data sets indicate that Pennsylvania is on the path to recovery, though some experts maintain that the state is lagging behind the nation in terms of employment and housing.

Report: Credit downgrade not surprising

Nathan Benefield, the vice president of policy analysis at the Commonwealth Foundation, said on Monday that Moody's recent decision to downgrade Pennsylvania's debt is not surprising.

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