State senate approves HB 1460 to invest in Pennsylvania’s hospital care

State senate approves HB 1460 to invest in Pennsylvania’s hospital care.
The Pennsylvania State Senate recently passed House Bill 1460, which pertains to the General Fund budget, and sent it to Gov. Tom Wolf for his approval in Harrisburg.

More specifically, the bill is a full-year plan for FY 2015-2016.

House Bill 1460 contains significant allotments for commonwealth hospitals, especially for those health care facilities providing burn care, OBGYN and NICU services and trauma treatment.

Additionally, HB 1460 addresses the needs of 14 acute care or “critical access” hospitals in the state’s rural jurisdictions.

If signed by the governor, home and community-based services will be increased by $94 million to cover an additional 3,756 senior citizens. Long-term managed care will increase by $16 million; disability services will increase by $40 million; attendant care by $11 million.

Cuts previously made to neonatal services ($3.68 million), hospital-based burn centers ($3.78 million) and critical access hospitals ($5.67 million) will be reversed. Domestic violence and rape crisis programs will witness a 10-percent increase, equivalent to $2.4 million in total.

Substance abuse program funding will increase by $6.2 million (15 percent), while help lines and associated programs for diabetes ($102,000), lupus ($102,000), epilepsy ($561,000), regional poison control centers ($714,000), biotech research ($6 million) and others cut by Wolf will be restored.

Along with the previously passed HB 1322, which would authorize quality care assessment, impose limits on deductions from the General Fund and streamline hospital payments, HB 1460 will represent a major outlay in Pennsylvania’s hospital system.

The bill is currently on Wolf’s desk awaiting action by early Jan. 2016.

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