Wolf criticizes Corbett for Pennsylvania budget crisis

Tom Wolf, the Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial seat in Pennsylvania, toured a start-up incubator in East Liberty on Monday, where he criticized current Governor Tom Corbett for what Wolf called a leadership problem.

Corbett has vowed to withhold his signature on a $29.1 billion state budget unless the state legislature addresses pension reform and other top policy priorities put forth by the governor, TribLive reports.

Wolf would not say whether he would veto the spending plan if he was in Corbett's position, saying he did not want to "insert himself into the process," according to TribLive.

"If I exercised the leadership I think the governor is supposed to exercise right from the start, I would not be in a position of having to accept or reject, to do either one, with this kind of a budget," Wolf said, TribLive reports.

Pension costs, according to the Corbett administration, push out spending on other state programs, costing as much as 60 cents of every dollar in revenues.

Wolf said the budget was "smoke and mirrors" and "one-time fixes." He has advocated for a five percent severance tax on natural gas drilling, TribLive reports.

Chris Pack, the communications director for Corbett's campaign, attributed the decline in unemployment in the state to Corbett's leadership

"I think a lean budget is something Tom Wolf has no familiarity with," Pack said, according to TribLive. "Wolf's solution to the budget shortfall is to hike taxes, and Tom Wolf has never seen a tax increase he doesn't like."