Geisinger Research hires new senior investigator

Geisinger Research hires new senior investigator

Geisinger Research, said Wednesday that Marylyn Ritchie, Ph.D will be the company’s new senior investigator and founding director of its new Biomedical and Translational Informatics Program.

Geisinger, which implements health information technology to create better health care, said the new program will improve health care through new opportunities, higher quality, higher efficiency, and any other ethical means available.

Ritchie is a professor at Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Ritchie also is director of the Center for Systems Genomics. She will continue her duties at the Penn State research lab as she establishes the new program at Geisinger.

“This is a critically important recruitment for Geisinger, especially given the tremendous new data resource generated through our large-scale DNA sequencing project with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals aimed at sequencing at least 100,000 Geisinger patients in the next five years,” Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Geisinger Health System David H. Ledbetter, Ph.D., said. “Dr. Ritchie is a pioneer in the development of new methods to leverage large-scale genetics data with electronic health data for the discovery of new genetic associations that should rapidly advance personalized medicine and improved health outcomes.”

More faculty members will be hired to build the new Geisinger program. They will also work in the bioinformatics program by using their skills in imaging, genomics, clinics, and other means of gathering patient data.

Ritchie is the chief investigator in studies involving Genomics Data Coordination, the Genomics Network, Electronic Health Records, and Pharmacogenomics Research Network Statistical Analysis Resource. She also is the managing editor of BioData Mining. Her most recent edits include “Genetics Research in Electronic Health Records Linked to DNA Biobanks.” 

Ritchie previously worked at Vanderbilt University as an associate professor. Her awards and honors include Genome Technology, an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow for 2010, a Rising Young Investigator in 2006 and a KAVLI Frontiers of Science Fellow as nominated by the National Academy of Science for the past four years.

Ritchie is trained as a computational and statistical geneticist with specialties in understanding the genetic architecture of complicated diseases.

Ritchie has experience in translational bioinformatics, genetic epidemiology, complex analysis of bioinformatics and genetic epidemiology, next-generation sequencing, data integration from meta-dimensional omics data, genome-wide association studies, copy number variations, Phenome-wide Association studies and developing visual data approaches.

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